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Whew, well it finally happened, I hopped on the computer this morning to check the never ending work emails and discovered that the Windows Update icon was up. I thought “could it be service pack 1?”. Double clicked the icon and BOOM! There it was SP1 in all its glory was ready to start downloading. At first I had some doubts after reading about some peoples horror stories with the SP1 RC that dropped about a month ago, but I though “eh, Microsoft should have all the kinks worked out”. Looks like they did after about a 20 min download and install period Vista popped back up and ran better than ever. No system hangs, no copy file hangs, nothing. All of the problems that I was having are now non-existent. All thats fine and dandy but I still needed to try out some of the games and see if there was any performance increases or decreases. More after the break.



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